About us

About the creators of the Floranium Project

Inspired by the book The Secret Life of Plants by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins as well as the experiments by Cleve Backster, in 1981 Martin Heine M.Sc. set about converting an old dishwasher into a measuring chamber for plants. At the same time he started experimenting with highly sensitive instrumentation amplifi ers and resistance bridges in order to personally explore plant signals. Despite working in other areas after completion of his university studies in electronics, he never entirely lost interest in plant signals. In 2007 he had the inspired idea of converting plant signals into a play of colours from a small lamp. His prototype led to a small circuit that fitted in a tea light holder. He named his invention ‘Floranium’. A number of Floranium variants (called Floranions) arose over the course of time. They where first produced in the Light Art Vision Studio in Cave Creek, Arizona (USA), later in Southwest Germany. The colorful lights of the plants in the film “Avatar” not only correspond exactly to the function of the Floranion, but are actually the avatars of the associated plants. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Floranions are being marketed in cooperation with the film producer as Avatar Lights or Avatar Lamps and a Floranium Avatar Edition has been created.

Today, we can offer Floranium instruments (Floranions) for various applications and they are still produced mainly by hand by Martin Heine, Light Art Vision.